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Wall Murals

Unlike any other type of wall covering, a wall mural can add a thrill and excitement to a room that is truly awe inspiring. Every moment spent in a room with a wall mural is changed into a richer, more fulfilling experience. The energy of the living space is dramatically and dynamically transformed towards the topic of the mural, and some wall murals can alter perception of time and place completely.

Wall Paper

Wall murals go beyond the effect that wallpaper can add to a room. Most wallpaper does not convey the meaning that a mural image can convey.
wall mural
Little meaning beyond decoration is actually conveyed by a wallpapered room. A wall mural on the other hand accomplishes what no other wall covering   can do: beyond decoration it transports the mind to a meaningful place other than the room itself — real or imagined.

Wall Mural Origin

Wall mural construction dates back centuries, and until the invention of the camera and the beginning of poster printing, custom wall coverings were the exclusive domain of artists and painters.

The most notable of these efforts was Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel, but there were many others. People began to realize that art on a massive canvas is more impressive and amazing than small paintings.

early wall mural


Of course, the sleazy side of wall mural construction came into being with the invention of the spray paint can - graffiti. The dictionary defines "graffiti" as: A rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls. Some graffiti can be beautiful, but most is unpleasant to look at and undesired. However, technically this type of "art" could be classified as "murals" although this is a loose interpretation. It may look bad to many of us but depending on your perspective there are some that would classify this as mural art.

Wall Mural Choices

The following are options for wall mural construction:
  • Buying (Investing) in Art - There are many advantages to covering walls with artwork, from the investment value to the history that such images afford. Paintings can give a living space a museum like reverance and can be

an inventive way for an investor to diversify holdings and derive value from the beauty art provides. It is difficult to compare paintings with wall murals as they are very different ways of improving visually improving a living space.
  • Artists / wall mural painter - This option can create a result more valuable than the real estate it is constructed in. A mural artist can provide amazing, absolutely breathtaking wall mural art.

There are wall mural artists all over the world that can work on location or can create wall mural pieces for assembly at another location. See The Wall Murals Directory - Artists page - click here.
  • Posters - Since the middle of the last century posters have become a new wall covering option whose message can relate to current events. A wide variety of topics and content allows poster imagery to be a more

personalized wall covering option. However, posters are an option that kids or teenagers often choose. Posters tend to give a room a cheap or shoddy look and some are in extremely bad taste. Adults usually do not consider posters a viable wall covering choice.
  • Full size pre-printed murals - This option involves creating full size wall murals in single - pre-printed pieces. This option can be expensive but there are many options and products. See The Wall Murals Directory for information on full size murals.

Many people choose this option is often chosen for children's rooms when parents want to ignite the imagination of their children, and can be a great option for other rooms as well.

Today, there is a new wall mural alternative. It is:

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  • Uses proven methods used to construct billboards
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